You have just moved into, or are about to move into a new role.  You understand the corporate culture and have a good idea of what’s expected in the new job.  A sounding board outside the business will provide support, challenge and an opportunity to try out ideas

Your questions will be uniquely yours but may look something like this:

  • how can I quickly and effectively show what I can do?
  • how will I adjust to new/greater demands without being overwhelmed?
  • how will I form collaborative working relationships inside and outside the organisation?
  • what sort of team do I want to build and how will I build it?
  • what’s the best way to influence and motivate people who were formerly my peers?

Ideally the coaching relationship will begin before you take up your new position.  Whenever you start, working with an experienced coach will make your transition smoother, faster and more effective.

"What is it about the prevailing culture that supports what I am setting out to achieve, or holds me back?."
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